Filmed in some of the world’s poorest and most troubled areas, the series is presented by London-based musician and grass roots campaigner Steve Chandra, renowned guitarist and driving force behind Asian Dub Foundation.

The  stories come from Nigeria, Mozambique, Brazil, Cape Verde, East London and the desert of the Southern Sahara – all places where people struggle to survive.

Framed in their historical context and current political circumstances, Music of Resistance focus’ on artists for whom music is a force for radical political change.

Produced, Directed and Written by Jason Breckenridge

Music of Resistance Trailer

6 responses to “Home

  1. Excellent idea / excellent programme.

  2. Fantastic!!!

    I really love this!!! Any needs talk… It was great to see you and in Portugal, it was great to see someone that cares!

    Thanks! Peace!

  3. amazing series!
    I´m the director of “world music spirit” where we make musical documentaries in refugee camps about music and culture such as western sahara,etc.Also do music exchange and workshops in Africa mostly and make our own albums,etc.

    I´m really impressed with your work and hope you keep on the real for a change.


  4. Currently my husband n I are developing a cross cultural rec n leisure club which has a theme: ‘crossroads of the world’. We are constructing cultural pavilions with authentic experience of that particular belt. I would simply love to feature all the artist showcased in this spectacular program ‘music of resistance’ at our place. What a great experience it is to get educated about people and cultures different than our own.

  5. I love this music program. I fully enjoyed the vid on the Kuti legacy.


  6. Excellent, have been enjoying the show for the past few weeks. I actually use to live in Northern Mali (Gao) and it was so great to have the show focus on Tinariwen and the Tuareg culture…and to see Kidal on TV! Very impressed with the work, much appreciated! Cheers.

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